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Star Wars Alpha Troopers by Ghost141
Star Wars Alpha Troopers

    Engagements between the 1st Order and the Republic have been escalating as day's past. The Hosnian System and Core Republic Worlds are gone. The only Thing left are remnants of the Republic Fleet and General Leia with a few High Officers and officials who survived the Star Killer. The First Order is gaining territory and the situation has become intense enough that the activation of the Alpha Troopers was ordered by General Leia. The Alpha Troopers were meant to serve as the Specials Forces Branch of the Republic Military but was side lined due to the Military Disarmament act passed by the Senate. Leia had been creating this in secret during the creation of the resistance using Training manuals from Old Republic that were meant to Train ARC Troopers and Equipping Operators with modified Armor based on Clone Wars era Schematics. Every Trooper would be put through intense training where the both the mind and body would be trained to fight and adapt in any situation and survive. However they were only to be used on certain mission where the chances of coming back were hard to see. Within the first 9 months of the Star Killer Bases destruction the Alpha Troopers have been assisting Resistance ground forces in countering the 1st Order troops and sabotaging important 1st Order assents  . Defending what remains of the Republic is their only reason to exist and fight
P90 Famas Hybrid by Ghost141
P90 Famas Hybrid
When making this prop I asked what happens if you merge a P90 and a Famas together............Boy did results get strange......What do you think
I am an IDEA,I am a thinker ,I am Artist


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United States
I like to write storys of my own and cosplay. Those two skill combined can make a story also with photos of the cosplay I have done to photoshoping them into a story.
I also like history and events in history. With that I like to Bend and mix history together.

Everything beyond I am a creative mind

I am an Idea, an artistic Idea and Ideas are Unbreakable

Spin off qoute from V

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